Tomasz Celary

Attorney-at-law / Partner

As every lawyer, I find great professional satisfaction in winning a lawsuit, in particular, when the case seems lost. However, the most important for me is to establish a proper relationship with the Client on the grounds of honesty and mutual trust.

An expert in restructuring and bankruptcy law, as well as trading in receivables. Manages the Receivables Serving Team.

A practitioner in the scope of providing legal services regarding enterprises’ receivables with several years of experience. An expert in commercial and economic law issues. He is a leader of teams providing complex services for economic entities. His clients include, among others: joint-stock companies quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, construction and real estate industries’ enterprises as well as financial institution entities. He has also experience in the scope of providing services to entities from the telecommunication and energy industry.

An experienced attorney-at-law and negotiator, especially in the scope of civil procedural law. He effectively represented, among others: a consulting company in proceedings in the case against the mogul in the Internet services providers’ market represented by one of the leading Polish law firms. As a result of the brought appeal, he led to amending in full at the Court of Second Instance’s stage the unfavourable for the Client judgement of the Court of First Instance in the litigation against the entrepreneur acting as an agent in selling luxurious cars. Moreover, he effectively finalised multi-stage proceedings in the case of revoking a permit to construct a supermarket in the proceedings before administrative authorities, as well as the Voivodeship and the Supreme Administrative Court against the investor, a stock exchange company from Silesia.

He is appreciated by his Clients not only for his high competences and unconventional thinking, but also for his authentic passion with which he performs his profession. He has been fascinated with law since primary school. Despite the fact that in his first encounter with a courtroom at the school setting he acted as a prosecutor, he already knew that he wanted to be an attorney. As of then he strives to look at each proceedings, amicable or procedural, from both perspectives – two different reasons, motivations and decisions. In his Client’s interest he will go to the lawsuit even to Szczecin. Even if, due to communication complications, he is forced to return through Krakow.

Tomasz Celary is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration, the University of Silesia. An acknowledged speaker. He willingly shares his expert knowledge by conducting trainings for employees of operational departments of the Capital Group Pragma Inkaso S.A. He also actively participates in industry conferences by conducting, among others, interactive workshops at the brokers’ congress.

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Tomasz Celary