Monika Bukowska

Attorney-at-law / Partner

Law is an effective instrument, however, you have to know how to use it. The complexity of legal matter and tremendous speed of civilization development result in regulations falling far behind the reality, which is continuously raising the bar in practising this profession. But I like when it is tough.  

Civil and economic law, as well as construction law expert. Manages the Construction Law Team.

She has provided complex legal assistance to entities from the majority of industries functioning in the economic turnover for 20 years. She is especially interested in the construction industry, which due to its multi-faceted character of legal issues and frequent amendments to the construction law requires the lawyer to have in-depth experience and to continuously extend qualifications. The scope of her activities also includes legal services provided to the real estate industry and to housing communities.

The lawsuit and its atmosphere of an intellectual duel is Monika Bukowska’s real passion. She specialises in especially complex cases for payment and substantially supports creditors also in situations that are critical for them, when their debtors declare bankruptcy. She conducts Actio Pauliana proceedings, which has been deemed since the Roman times as an institution requiring a special legal skill. She effectively defended creditors against debtors’ actions contributing to their harm numerous times. Clients appreciate her courage at the courtroom, swift responsiveness and precise actions.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration, the University of Silesia. Communicates in English fluently.

Monika Bukowska