Łukasz Feder

Attorney-at-law / Partner

Nothing is more pleasant for a plenipotentiary than Client’s words: “I am calm, because I have you”. This is the essence of this profession. Those are exactly the words I recently heard from one of my Clients.

An expert in banking and investment funds law. Manages the Funds Serving Team.

He provides highly specialised legal assistance services to the benefit of economic entities from the NPL sector. An acknowledged practitioner in the field of legally vindicating claims and in the area of providing legal services for receivables owned by investment and securitisation funds. His professional interests include: commercial law, bankruptcy and restructuring law, capital markets law, banking law, intellectual property law and legal aspects of real estate management.

An experience attorney-at-law. During conducted proceedings he takes care not only of the property aspect, but also of the image of the parties, which is related to the lawsuit. He believes that the key to success is full and empathic engagement in the Client’s case. In his everyday communication he balances legal language with a partnership dialogue.

On his record he has, among others, a lawsuit of a lessee accused of negligence during exploitation of the warehouse tent hall and contribution to damage thereto, won in both instances. The claim for indemnity was finally dismissed. He willingly defends natural persons and entrepreneurs from the SME sector against corporations. Therefore, he proves that you can win even in unequal litigation. He proved, among others, groundlessness of claims brought against the Client by one of the leading transmission companies.

Łukasz Feder is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics, the University of Wrocław. He conducts author’s closed trainings in the scope of legal aspects of vindication of claims for employees of legal, commercial and vindication departments in commercial law companies.

Łukasz Feder