We assist entrepreneurs in developing a payroll policy in the scope of binding labour law provisions.

We provide services both, within permanent and ongoing legal services in the area of the labour law, as well as within incidental or periodical legal assistance. We act as mediators in employers’ negotiations with the trade unions. We also assist in employing foreigners in compliance with the Polish law. We represent employees and employers in disputes both, in litigious and non-litigious proceedings.

Counselling in the scope of labour law for the employer

  • drawing up legal opinions in the scope of labour law,
  • drawing up and giving opinions on drafts of documents in the scope of labour law (e.g. employment agreements, managerial contracts, work regulations, remuneration regulations, non-competition agreements and confidentiality agreements),
  • drawing up drafts of work regulations and remuneration regulations, company and sectoral collective labour agreements, as well as company social benefits fund regulations with a consideration of characteristics of a specific business entity,
  • assistance in employer’s negotiations with trade unions and employees’ representatives,
  • counselling and assistance in group lay-off processes together with drawing up documentation stipulated in legal provisions,
  • giving opinions on activities undertaken by the employer and related to employing Polish employees abroad, as well as foreigners in Poland and compliance thereof with the labour law and social security law,
  • counselling in the scope of employee intellectual property,
  • representing the employer in litigious proceedings in the scope of the labour law covering complex conduct of cases in all court instances in compliance with the principles agreed on with the employer, including: participating in lawsuits, drawing up procedural writs.

Counselling in the scope of labour law for the employee

  • complex legal counselling in all labour law aspects,
  • supporting the employee in disputes with an employer,
  • legal counselling regarding mobbing and discrimination at the workplace,
  • employee’s representation in all instances in litigious proceedings in the scope of labour law.