Our law firm’s lawyers are unquestioned experts in the field of legal vindication of claims. For over 10 years they have been providing legal services to one of the largest enterprises in the industry of trading in receivables and vindication of claims of the B2B and B2C sectors.

The law firm’s experience in this field allowed developing unique know-how. It allows swift and precise selection of the most adequate legal instruments to defend our clients’ interests. The Receivables Serving Team especially specialises in conducting lawsuits for payment to the benefit of our clients.

Procedural activities

  • conducting due diligence proceedings, including accurate verification of client’s documentation,
  • initiation of pre-court proceedings aimed at final amicable settlement of the dispute,
  • soliciting and representing a client in lawsuits for payment both, on behalf of a claimant and a defendant (within the following proceedings: by writ of payment, by writ of payment for a lesser value, electronic proceedings by writ of payment and simplified proceedings),
  • claiming dues from the Management Board members,
  • conducting Actio Pauliana lawsuits,
  • conducting inheritance proceedings aimed at determining the circle of heirs and initiating proceedings for obtaining an enforceable document.

Enforcement proceedings

  • initiation of activities aimed at amicably claiming dues upon obtaining an enforceable document,
  • complex representation of the client in whole enforcement proceedings, including allocation of an enforceable authority from the list of the most effective bailiffs who have been cooperating with the law firm for many years,
  • a reliable supervision over the course of the enforceable proceedings,
  • representing clients in anti-enforcement proceedings.