Investing in real estate can generate quite large profits. Nevertheless, it is related to many risk factors at each stage. Investors should remember of the necessity to implement preventive mechanisms. Those consist of, among others, an in-depth verification and analysis of many aspects which are directly or indirectly pertaining to legal issues.

We provide legal assistance at all areas related to investing in real estate. Our clients appreciate connecting specialist knowledge and many years of experience of the law firm’s lawyers. We provide them with a comfort of legal safety at each stage: from taking decisions, through implementation until finalisation of an investment undertaking.

Our clients include:

  • potential buyers of real estate,
  • investors,
  • developers,
  • homeowner associations and co-operatives,
  • real estate managers.

The law firm’s team’s experience and competences allow successfully providing services in the following scopes.

Trading in real estate

  • complex legal services provided to entities professionally trading in real estate,
  • drawing up and giving opinions on agreements on selling real estate,
  • drawing up and giving opinions on agreements on renting and leasing real estate,
  • negotiating agreements in trading in real estate.

Analysis of the real estate’s legal status

  • verification of land and mortgage registers,
  • verification of the compliance of the factual state with the state disclosed in land and mortgage registers,
  • determining existence of any claims related to the real estate,
  • counselling in the scope of the issue related to any encumbrances disclosed in the real estate’s land and mortgage register.

Land and mortgage register and mortgage proceedings

  • drawing up applications for an entry of rights into the land and mortgage register,
  • proceedings in the case of removing non-compliance of the factual state with the state disclosed in land and mortgage registers,
  • assistance in cases related to challenging (excluding) the principle of reliability of land and mortgage registers,
  • proceedings for entry and deletion of the mortgage.

 Legal services for developers

  • formalising establishment and transformation of development companies,
  • complex legal services provided to entities conducting development activities,
  • drawing up information prospectuses,
  • audit with regard to the fulfilment of obligations imposed by the Act on the Protection of Rights of the Buyer of a Housing Unit or Single-Family Home (so-called: Developers’ Act),
  • representation in cases related to the developers’ activities.

Furthermore, the scope of our services includes:

  • counselling in establishing and abolishing real estate encumbrances, including limited property rights,
  • representation before courts and public administration authorities in cases related to real estate,
  • due diligence analysis of real estate as soon as the stage of its description and estimation in the course of the enforcement,
  • representation of a potential buyer of real estate in the course of enforcement proceedings.