We provide complex legal counselling to the benefit of entrepreneurs:  sole traders and commercial law companies in the whole cycle of their functioning. We facilitate conducting business activity and minimise related risk. We specialise in corporate counselling and transaction counselling. We support companies with Polish and foreign capital.

Legal services provided to companies constitute a challenge demanding not only an extensive legal experience, but also thorough knowledge of business issues. This is a passion which we are continuously developing to the benefit of our Clients.

We conduct a commercial law company ourselves. As a result, we fully understand the aspirations, challenges and problems of contemporary companies and we are able to swiftly address their actual needs. Also the ones they are not aware of and which can have a significant impact on the business activity.

We advise our Clients at each step of company’s functioning in business trading.

Legal services provided to sole traders/micro-entrepreneurs

  • counselling on starting a sole tradership, including registration in the Central Registration and Information on Business, counselling in selecting a type of business activity from the Polish Classification of Activity or a form of taxation, support in administrative issues,
  • permanent legal services and ad hoc counselling e.g. in the scope of verification of agreements concluded in the business trading, issues related to labour law and social security law, or administrative law.

Establishment of companies

  • counselling in selecting an optimal form of conducting business activity,
  • complex legal services provided in transforming sole traderships into commercial law companies,
  • drawing up corporate documentation of a company (articles of association, deed of company, founding act of company, regulations),
  • representation of a company before registration authorities (submitting declarations to the National Court Register) and record-keeping authorities (statistical offices, tax offices, the social insurance institution).

Ongoing counselling and servicing companies

  • servicing meetings of management, supervisory and control bodies, including servicing general meetings together with drawing up resolutions’ drafts,
  • assistance in regulations regarding the rights and obligations of partners and members of bodies,
  • counselling in the scope of increasing and decreasing the share capital of companies,
  • conducting proceedings for revoking or annulling resolutions of company’s bodies, including challenging resolutions of general meetings of shareholders and meetings of shareholders,
  • ongoing counselling in concluding economic and commercial agreements, including investment agreements, management options,
  • conducting negotiations and mediations.

Mergers, acquisitions and transformations of companies

  • complex due diligence analysis,
  • legal assistance in establishing capital groups and consortia,
  • transaction counselling in transformation, combination, division, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) of companies,
  • counselling in acquiring shares and stocks,
  • assistance in reorganisation and restructuring processes, including separating and selling an organised part of the enterprise,
  • legal counselling in management buy-outs of enterprises,
  • complex analysis of capital transformations’ consequences, including transaction’s legal risk assessment,
  • legal counselling in the process of family companies’ succession together with preparing solutions securing the enterprise’s assets.

Capital market

  • complex legal counselling in the scope of stock exchange financial instruments and derivative instruments, including emission and buy-out of securities,
  • legal assistance regarding corporate governance,
  • counselling regarding information obligations of stock exchange listed companies.