The law firm’s team consists of attorneys-at-law with many years of experience. We represent our Clients in both, civil and criminal cases, and in particular economic criminal cases. We are aware of the fact that litigious proceedings are a difficult experience both, for the defendants and the claimants. Therefore, we aim to settle cases amicably. If not possible, then the line of defence in a lawsuit, as well as taking care of our Clients’ sense of safety, is equally important to us.

The scope of our services include, among others:

  • assistance in determining the facts of the case and collecting evidence,

  • representation during amicable proceedings and negotiations,

  • representation before law enforcement agencies at the stage of preparatory proceedings in criminal cases,

  • representation during litigious proceedings before ordinary courts, including also in appeal proceedings before courts of Second Instance,

  • representation before public administration authorities and administrative courts,

  • lodging cassations to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court.

We conduct several hundred of judicial proceedings annually. Among our numerous successes we can enumerate, in particular:

  • a validly concluded judicial proceeding in a case against a mogul in the Internet services suppliers’ market in order to vindicate claims of a consulting company. The lawsuit was complicated and required, among others, learning about aspects of IT companies’ activity, with even a prestige meaning for both parties. The adopted line of action and collected evidence allowed reaching a settlement favourable for the Client;
  • a positive settlement at the Second Instance stage in a litigation concerning the claim for a return of a significant amount of the advance payment with regard to the opponent’s non-performance of the agency services in selling luxurious cars. As a result of the grounded appeal, the unfavourable decision of the District Court was amended in full;
  • a validly concluded, multi-step judicial proceeding in a case on revoking a permit to construct a supermarket against a joint-stock company quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The dispute had a key meaning for both parties to the proceedings. On the grounds of the collected evidence, the Voivodeship Administrative Court amended the decision of an administrative authority by revoking the construction permit. The settlement was upheld despite the cassation brought to the Supreme Administrative Court;
  • the lawsuit on indemnity due to the collapse of a warehouse tent hall, defended on behalf of the lessee and won in the First and Second Instance. The Client was accused of negligence and breach of contractual terms and conditions. The case with a significant image meaning for the Client;
  • won dispute with one of the leading transmission entrepreneurs in defence of a consumer sued for indemnity due to the alleged illegal off-take of electricity. The claim was deemed as groundless with a decision of the court of First Instance;
  • defence in the case on certifying an untruth and a failure to perform duties ended with a conditional discontinuance of proceedings;
  • an effective defence in several criminal lawsuits with proving formulating false allegations by the opposite party;
  • defence in fiscal criminal cases, among others, in cases on VAT and excise duty fraud, concluded with judgements without adjudicating custodial sentences;
  • an effective defence of claims of the entrepreneur from Asia conducting trade activities in the territory of Poland who did not receive a due payment from one of his regular contractors. The judicial proceedings were very difficult due to the language and cultural barrier and hitherto good relations of the Client and his contractor. Due to the beyond standard engagement in drawing up procedural writs and earlier undertaking measures for claim safeguarding, the case was closed as soon as at the first hearing. The court adjudicated the Client’s claim in full.