Our expert team has many years of experience in providing legal services in cases related to construction investments. Extensive knowledge allows us to professionally conduct cases of enterprises conducting operational activities in this area.

We specialise in complex legal services provided for investment processes in compliance with the FIDIC standards. We act as plenipotentiaries in proceedings for payment, enforcement proceedings and proceedings in the scope of public procurement law.

Our clients include entities from the housing, infrastructure and specialist construction industry.

We fulfil orders in the following fields of law

  • construction law,
  • contract law (construction works contracts, including in compliance with the FIDIC standards, employee leasing contracts, investment contracts, developer contracts, consortium contracts),
  • representation before ordinary courts in cases for payment and enforcement proceedings,
  • public procurement law.

Areas of our special interest

Contract agreements – analysing, giving opinions and drawing up all kinds of agreements related to investment, including:

  • contracts for design works,
  • contracts for construction works (also subcontracting),
  • consortium contracts,
  • investment contracts.

FIDIC – complex legal services provided for the investment process in compliance with standards.

Opinions and consultations – providing legal assistance and advice in the area of binding legal regulations related to the issues arising with regard to the execution of the investment, as well as substantive support in the process of negotiations.

Expertise – upon order of our clients planning investment, we conduct analysis and verification of investment and executory intentions with regard to the law, as well as we provide guidelines on selecting an optimal conception of executing the undertaking.

Representation of clients in lawsuits for payment – legal vindication of claims.