The law firm Pragma Adwokaci Bukowska, Celary, Feder Sp. k. (Katowice, Upper Silesia, Poland) provides complex legal services to its clients in the territory of the whole country. We are distinguished with individual, unconventional attitude to client’s cases based on respecting partnership cooperation principles. We select legal instruments to protect their interests with precision.

The attorney’s law firm consists of a team of 20 specialised lawyers, including attorneys with many years of experience, highly qualified and competent in many areas of the law. Thus, legal services provided to commercial law companies and sole traders are multi-faceted and meet entrepreneurs’ needs accurately.

We specialise in the area of legal vindication of claims. Having gained experience in highly rated by the clients execution of tasks in the scope of providing direct legal services regarding receivables from the following sectors: collection, banking and finance, we can offer you reliable assistance in the vindication of claims.

Attorneys-at-law working in the law firm Pragma Adwokaci, represent our clients’ interests on average in 1,500 court proceedings per year. We have been continuously recovering receivables for our clients for many years in won lawsuits. We also represent them in economic criminal and fiscal criminal proceedings.

We execute over 2,500 legal projects per year, including approximately 500 legal opinions and expertise. In the year 2017 alone we conducted 35 proceedings in bankruptcy and restructuring law, we assisted in 82 cases in real estate law and we supported finalisation of 58 banking and financial law transactions. The law firm’s experience allows our clients to securely participate in the economic turnover and achieve business objectives.

Our clients are predominantly companies, irrespectively of the scale of their business. We provide them with complex legal services both, at our registered office, directly at our client’s and through the agency of a special online panel. Lawyers’ assistance is provided for enterprises, sole traders, natural persons and various institutions.